Self-Perception and Mission

The Exceed Excellence Centre consists of a network of 30 full member institutions worldwide. A renowned scientist who has his research focus on water problems represents each of these institutions. The network considers cooperation, education, and knowledge transfer within the water research and management area to be an indispensable condition for solving present and, in particular, further water-related problems. The mission, in the first place, is to inspire and promote exceed-Swindon members in being an international community of academic and practice-oriented professionals, graduated students concerned with water, and a global source of knowledge.


Strategic Intent

Connecting Professionals – Capacity Building:
The exceed-Swindon network brings renowned and young scientists as well as practice-oriented professionals together to share knowledge, experience, and know-how about the most pressing water challenges and latest innovative solutions.

Promoting Joint Research:
The exceed-Swindon network promotes research between members from developing countries and Germany in the field of sustainable water management.

Promoting Higher Education:
The exceed-Swindon network supports knowledge transfer and educational tools available for professionals, teachers, and graduates in all network regions. The network promotes further development of graduate curricula on sustainable water management at member institutions and the exchange teaching staff.

The exceed-Swindon network supports networking in developing countries, where exploitation of water resources and discharge of highly polluted wastewater into the environment are most challenging and often overstrains state or local authorities due to lack of capacities and regulations. Each regional network has its individual portfolio of competences that is available and can be made use of all network members.


Strategic Priorities towards Network Sustainability


Expert Network

Joint research and Capacity Building