Regional Workshop on “Water-Energy-Food-Nexus in MENA Region”, November 11-17, 2018, Egypt

November 11-17, 2018, Aswan, Egypt

Organized by Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagazig

Water-energy-food NEXUS is central to sustainable development in MENA region. Demand for these domains is increasing, driven with a rising global population, changing diets, rapid urbanization and economic growth. Agriculture considers the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources, and hence more than one-quarter of the energy consumed globally is expended on food production and supply. The linkages between these essential domains require a suitably integrated approach to ensuring water and food security, and sustainable agriculture and energy production worldwide.

As agriculture set to remain the biggest user of water into the middle of this century, efficiency measures along the entire agri-food technologies can help save water and energy, such as precision irrigation based on information supplied by water providers, which can motivate farmers to invest in their systems to ensure the best returns from their water investment.

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