A Story of Success – Dr. Mina Samaan

A story of success

Mina Michael Samaan

Dr. Mina Michael Samaan obtained his doctoral degree from the Carl-Friedrich Gauß Faculty (Technische Universität Braunschweig) in August 2017. Under supervison of Prof. Ulrich Menzel, he started his research work in November 2013 initiated by a DAAD PhD scholarship, awarded by the exceed-Swindon Excellence Centre at the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

Dr. Samaan´s research work has contributed to theoretical and methodological approaches concerning the topic of hydropolitics. Here, the classic debate between neo-realists and neo-liberalists (institutionalists) focuses on the question of potential outcomes in transboundary water management, whether to be conflictive or cooperative. Dr. Samaan worked out important aspects and problems related to ideational power in the strategies of hegemonic and counter-hegemonic riparians and made an important contribution to the scientific debate that is currently hold.

Dr. Samaan represented the Excellence Centre at highly ranked international conferences in Chicago and Stockholm in 2016.

His outstanding performance is even more impressive since during his doctoral thesis he had to cope with a progressive blindness, which did not demotivated him at all but causes the opposite effect.

After the return to his alma mater (University of Mansoura, Egypt), Dr. Samaan was honoured for his scientific work and received the honorary metal of the University of Mansoura.

Dr. Samaan´s story gained particular public attention. Immediately after his particular honour by the president of the University of Mansoura, a famous Egyptian TV Magazine broadcasted his story on 3 November 2017:

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