Hydropolitical Dimension of Transboundary River Basins | 2017-02-16

Mina Michel Samaan – World Water Week 2016 – AbstractMina Michel Samaan – World Water Week 2016 – AbstractVery similar to the major discipline of international relations, the progressive debates around theoretical and methodological approaches mainstreamed the topic of hydropolitics. The classic debate between neo-realists and neo-liberalists (institutionalists) focused on the question of potential outcomes in transboundary water management, whether to be conflictive or cooperative.

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. em. Ulrich Menzel and his successor Prof. Dr. Anja Jakobi, a research project at the Institute of Social Sciences, TU-Braunschweig (Germany), highlights hydropolitical dimensions of Transboundary River Basins (apllying the Nile Basin case) while also taking challenges of climate change into account. The research project is part of a DAAD funded PhD-Scholarship that has been awarded to Mr Mina Samaan (Egypt).

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